Combine Zuper and Zoho to improve your customer service experience

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Combine Zuper and Zoho to improve your customer service experience

Modern customers want personalized and connected service experiences. As per CSG International, 89% of the customers are expecting an “Uber-Like” experience for field services. Organizations are struggling to meet this every growing demand & expectations resulting in dissatisfaction and customer churn.

Organizations must leverage the right technology and the right customer insights to proactively stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of the modern customers. The first step in this journey is to combine the disparate tools used in the organization to get a holistic view of the customers and the operations. Whether it’s an enterprise business or a small-to-medium business, organizations typically use a CRM application to collect, organize and manage customer information to drive sales.

Services businesses around the world are acquiring customers to offer them installation, maintenance, and other forms of services. Sales team uses the CRM application to manage the sales funnel and convert leads to business to drive revenue for the organization. Once the deal is closed, it turns into a service request and picked up by the service team.

The service team needs all information about the customer, the preferences, history to offer the highest quality service and the best experience. The data collected during the service can be leveraged by the sales team to upsell, cross-sell, upgrade and generate additional sales.

The integration between the CRM and the Field Service application is paramount to connect sales and service and enabling organizations to improve productivity, efficiency and continuously improving the customer experience.

Zoho CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management platforms in the world used by 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers and grow their revenue. Zuper is the leading field service management startup used by 1000s of organizations worldwide and now available in the Zoho marketplace. With the Zoho CRM integration, you can now seamlessly sync your leads, deals and contacts from Zoho CRM into Zuper and efficiently schedule, dispatch and manage field service operations.

Use Zuper to empower your field technicians and combine the power of smart scheduling & dispatching, best-in-class work order management, smart inventory control and real-time visibility of workforce utilization. Dispatch the right person to the right place with the right knowledge, right tools at the right time, every time.

Below are the key capabilities of the platform:  

  • Smart Scheduling and Dispatching
  •  Work order Management
  •  Location Tracking Services
  • Inventory management
  • Quotation and invoicing
  • Asset Management
  • Contract Management
  • Employee and Teams Management
  • Timesheet management including biometrics and location awareness
  • Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Process Workflows


The Zuper interface look


Zupercharge your sales and service teams, increase revenue, reduce cost of operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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 to install the Zuper extension for Zoho CRM.

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