Know your Zuper features

From Work Order Management to Reporting, learn how Zuper works from top to bottom!

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Create and configure your work orders with all the information you need to dispatch the right person at the right time every time.

HVAC Estimation software


Zuper’s Estimation software is so simple that it allows field technicians or the back-office to create estimates from anywhere.


Create invoices quickly and share digitally with customers. Collect payments from them in a hassle-free manner.

Business Process Workflows

Zuper’s powerful workflow engine lets you configure job categories, statuses, and job card templates to suit your organization’s needs.

Job Checklists


Customize your work order checklists and associate them with any job status. Leverage these checklists to ensure that nothing is missed out!

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications & Alerts

Keep your team and customers in a tight loop with customizable automated notifications via SMS, Email, and even WhatsApp!

Data Import

Data Import

Upload huge volumes of data including customers, employees, jobs, assets, products, services etc into Zuper using the Data Import feature.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Add your customers into Zuper and organize them with well-defined tags. Interact with them seamlessly in all stages of a work order lifecycle.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Add your employees and define their roles with access privileges. Manage your employees better by assigning them to teams!

Timesheet Management

Zuper’s Remote Timesheet Management offers smart geo-tagging and geo-fencing features that help you manage your employees shifts and also protects their privacy.

HVAC Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling and Dispatching

Get complete control of your scheduling system and dispatch your field workforce with flexibility and transparency.

Real-time Tracking

Location Intelligence

Leverage the power of real-time location intelligence for efficient dispatching, smart customer notifications, and team utilization.

HVAC contract management

Contract Management

Fuel your future business growth with service level agreements, preventative maintenance contracts to establish consistent revenue.

Zuper Asset Management on Zendesk

Asset Management and Planned Maintenance

Manage all your assets in a single location. Empower your field team to collect data on the mobile device.

Parts and Services

Manage all your parts and services in a single location. Your back-office staff and field technicians can access it all for work orders.

Zoho reporting analytics


Leverage Zuper’s extensive reporting capabilities to observe KPIs and team’s performance to make informed business decisions.

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