Zuper Product Updates – February 2022

Zuper Product Updates – February 2022

Here is a quick recap of the exciting updates we have for Zuper Field Management platform in February 2022.

Top Features

1. Invoicing

Do some of your customers have pending invoices? You can now auto-charge the pending invoices against the credit card stored on file. Read More

2. Dispatch Board

The dispatch board now has an option to view the job card displayed to user-specific fields clearly. Whenever the same job is allocated for different field technicians, the overlapping job alert message will pop-up. Read More

3. Contract Management

Zuper now has the option in Contracts for “Auto Invoice Creation” wherein the invoice is generated, and the email will automatically be sent to the customer. Read More

4. Email Template Integration

You can now create pre-defined email templates for Jobs, Customers, Quotes & Invoices. Read More

Other Features

1. Quotation and Invoicing

You can save your filter options as a view in quotations and invoicing listing. You can then easily reuse it for future transactions.

2. Employee Management

Our employee management module now has a new field “Mobile Number” using which you can update your field executive’s contact details.

3. Role Management

Multiple permissions have been added across all modules. This will help assign and control the level of access based on your employees’ role.

4. Location Intelligence

Under the route subsection, the total job duration is shown on the overall list page on the map module.

5. Reporting

On-demand reports can be quickly generated with the new subcategories included in the “Generate Report By” option. In addition to this, the latest update allows multiple “Job Categories” to generate the reports.

6. Work Order Management

On the Jobs listing, a new filter has been added called “Filter by Property”. The back-office staff can share Job card templates via email, which helps Field Executives quickly customize the available template.

7. Customer Management

A new filter has been added to allows you to highlight customers who have a card on file. You can also now delete the saved credit card details on the file.

8. Outbound Emails

The “Reply to email” option enables customers to reply to the back-office staff.

9. Job Calendar

You can now change the beginning of the week to the day they prefer.