Zuper Product Updates - June 2022

Zuper Product Updates – June 2022

1. Editing Declined or Rejected Quotations

Earlier, editing quotations was allowed only when the quote was in Draft or Sent status from Zuper’s web and mobile applications. With our latest update, you can edit the quote in Declined or Rejected status as well. Whether a customer has rejected or declined a quotation, you will now be able to edit the document and make changes to it as needed, before sending it back to the customer for approval.

2. Employee Labor Charge Settings

The new hourly labor charge settings under Organization settings now enable employers to set default charges and round off minutes to the nearest multiple. Calculate your employee’s labor charges more accurately and view the hourly rate on the details page on the manager’s mobile application.

3. Edit Contracts

Editing contracts just got easier thanks to our new editing functionality. Simply click “edit” on a contract to be redirected to the edit page, where all the details are pre-filled for you.

4. Enhanced filter options in Assisted Scheduling

With enhanced filter options, you can now quickly and easily find the best available slots for scheduling your appointments based on skills and service territory. This helps you save time and make sure you get the most appropriate slot for your needs.

5. Update Recurring Jobs

This new feature allows you to change the custom fields, descriptions, or addresses for all the jobs in a recurrent schedule. You can do this while editing parts and services line items keeping your recurring jobs up-to-date.

6. Quote and Invoice Follow-up Reminders

The “Remind At” field can now be used to set the time at which a follow-up reminder is sent. Customize your reminders to better suit your business. The “Remind At” field is pre-filled with the business starting time or the current time if no business hours have been configured in the Zuper web application.

7. Map Enhancements

The new user picker in the map module allows you to view the jobs scheduled for a specific user. Additionally, both the team and user pickers now support multiple selections.

8. Geo-fencing in job statuses

With the new update, Zuper users can now choose to capture geo-fences in kilometers or miles. This will allow for a more accurate representation of job statuses and locations. To change the distance metric, simply go to the timesheet settings under organization settings.

9. Filter Payment Transactions

The new payment filtering options on the listing page will make it easier to find specific payment transactions.

10. Parts and Services Enhancements

Parts and services are now easier to track on jobs assigned, as you can see the product name, location, quantity, unit price, and actions for each. In addition, the total price of each part and service is displayed. This makes it simpler to budget and manage your projects.

11. Sort Jobs by Due Date

The new sorting feature on the jobs listing page allows users to view jobs in ascending or descending order based on their due date.

12. Job Detail Update Alerts

The field service technicians receive an alert on their app whenever there is an update made to a job. This allows technicians to stay up-to-date on the latest job information.

13. Invoicing Enhancements

The latest update to the Zuper web application includes enhancements that allow for discounts to be applied when invoices are pushed in from external applications. Additionally, jobs can now be created directly from invoices, with all relevant details from the invoice being pre-filled on the job creation page.

14. Reporting Enhancements

The Zuper reporting module has been updated to include only the modules available to your business for which you can generate reports. Generate an employee skillset report including employee details, skillset name, level, and validity. New timesheet options are also available for scheduling reports.

15. Mobile App Enhancements

The administrator can now choose if their field technicians can now view jobs related to quotes and invoices. If this option is set to No, the field technicians can view only the jobs that are assigned to them. This allows for greater control over what information is shared with field technicians.

16. Work Order Management Enhancements

The Work Order Management Enhancements update allows for B2B customers to view all jobs when choosing a parent job. The Zuper Pro mobile app also displays the serial number of assets associated with the job.

17. Dashboard Enhancements

The Zuper Dashboard can now be customized to better suit your needs, with toggle switches (On and Off) for each available module. Get the information you need, when you need it.

18. Skillset Enhancements

The latest update allows administrators to specify the validity dates for skillsets, along with the skill name and description. When assigning a skillset to an employee, the valid from and valid till dates can be entered, along with the skill level.

19. Quotation Enhancements

The quote detail page shows all invoices that were created from the quote. This lets you view invoice details without having to go to the invoice page.

20. Workflow Enhancements

The new asset fields help with setting conditions for workflows enabling better organization.

21. Contract Management Enhancements

You can now add discounts when creating contracts. You can apply discounts as a percentage or an amount.

22. General Enhancements

The customer can now use the schedule link to schedule their job at a time that is convenient for them.