Zuper Product Update-May

Zuper Product Updates – May 2022

Read on to know the monthly recap of exciting updates we have made to Zuper web and mobile apps in May 2022.

Work Order Management

1. Edit Job Checklist

Once a checklist is filled in, there was no option to edit it. With the new update, users can now edit the checklist to add/correct the details. In addition, the user can rectify the inaccurate information on the Checklist with the edit option. Read more

2. Import Recurring Jobs

Data import is critical for every business to get all the existing data into Zuper. Now, users can import the recurring jobs in a single shot with the “Data Import” option. Whenever the business has a bulk list of recurring jobs, it is now easy for the business to add the recurring jobs to the excel file and import them easily into the Zuper.

3. Job Checklist updates

The job checklist has now been updated to support a section header component. This allows users to create a section header for product modules where only one of the listed options can be selected.

Quotes & Invoices

1. Organization Name in Quote

You can now create a quote and invoice for a customer or an organization. This is done in a way to support both B2B and B2B scenarios. The user can view the organization names under the customer names of Quotes.

2. Payments Module

The payment reconciliation is managed easily under a single page, and it helps to track the record payment history of all the transactions. The user can track the payments to monitor all the payment history in a single place. With our new update, users can easily manage all their income across the modules on our new “Payments” module. Read more

Dispatch Board

1. Map view

With our new update now, the users can view the jobs on the map, and based on the maps view, the user can act and plan for the unscheduled jobs. With the map view, technicians can be assigned based on the proximity of the new job location.


1. Outbound Customer Communication

With our new update now, the users can view the customer outbound logs under the customer’s module. This helps to track the customer’s email and SMS logs. The business may want to know about the history of the Customer’s email or SMS logs to revisit any old jobs or maintenance, and this is made easy with our new update.

2. Merge Duplicate Customers

Now the users can easily combine the customers without any hassle. The merge customer option can be done once and cannot be reversed. Merging customers is an irreversible action, and at a time, only ten customers can be merged. If there are more than ten customers, the users can easily integrate into the multiples of 10. With our new update, the user can merge duplicate contacts or missing information.


1. HubSpot Sales Hub Integration

Zuper’s integration with HubSpot has now been updated to support HubSpot Sales Hub. Read more