Zuper for Administrators

New to administering Zuper? Learn about how to customize Zuper for all users in your organization and how you can manage our product settings as an administrator. 


Listed below are some common questions new Zuper Administrators ask in their initial days of managing Zuper for their organization.

We also have Zuper for Supervisors, Zuper for Technicians, Zuper for Analysts, Zuper for Dispatchers, and Custom Roles in Zuper to help you and your colleagues as they get started with Zuper.

    Managing Available Modules

You can disable and lock settings for all users on your account through the Settings module or you can set up teams and disable settings for a team of users. If a setting is disabled and locked at the account or group level, users will not be able to enable it.  

Yes, you can customize and send job reminders, delay alerts, and status updates to both your customers and supervisors using the Configuration Settings section in the Settings module.  

Notifications and alerts in Zuper are classified into three categories: Job NotificationsCustomer Notifications, and SOS Settings. 

You have the permissions to create custom fields in all available modules. You can create them through the Custom Fields & Checklists section in the Settings module. 


Here’s how you can create a Custom Job Field.

You can create custom workflows through the Workflows option in the Other Settings section of the Settings module.

You can change or update the configurations of a specific module from the Configuration Settings section in the Settings module. 

For instance, you can create and edit a job statusjob category, and job template using the Job Settings option in the Configuration Settings section. You can also delete a specific job category, status, or template by clicking on the delete icon.

    Understanding Roles & Permissions

Listed below are some of the default roles and permissions available in the product. 

  • Administrator – The person who is in charge of setting up and managing Zuper for your organization. 
  • Dispatcher – The person who oversees the process of dispatching and routing technicians for scheduled jobs. 
  • Technician – The field agent who is responsible for performing tasks at the customer’s service location. 
  • Supervisor – Also known as Team Leader, is the person in charge of managing one or multiple teams of field technicians.  
  • Analyst – The business process expert who measures the effectiveness of your organization’s field operations.

Yes, you can set up a custom role using the New Custom Role button in the Settings module.

You can remove, deactivate, or unlink a user using the Delete User option in the Employees module.

    Reports & Dashboards

Zuper Web App comes with ready-to-use reports for Jobs, Quotation & Invoices, Products, Contracts, Assets, Employees and Teams, and Customers. You can view the complete list of reports here.

While you cannot create a custom dashboard, you can narrow down your results pretty easily with the help of our powerful built-in filters.

Yes, it is possible to push the data available in your Zuper Web App to your analytics system. You can integrate effortlessly with an array of analytics tools like Tableau, Zoho Analytics, and Power BI.

While it is possible to create custom reports, administrators need to reach out to our support team to set the foundation right.

    Billing & Administration

Yes, the account owner can add admins and also users with custom roles to help your manage your Zuper account.

You can set minimum password requirements through the Settings page of the Zuper Web App 

If your users enter a wrong password multiple times, their accounts will be locked for 30 minutes. Administrators cannot unlock it during such instances and the account will be auto-unlocked after the stipulated time.

Administrators can neither upgrade nor downgrade a plan from their end. If you need help upgrading or downgrading your current plan, please contact our support team for assistance.

While it is possible to cancel an existing account, to perform that you may have to reach out to our support team for assistance. 


You are now ready to take on your responsibility as a Zuper Administrator for your organization.  

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