Zuper for Supervisors

New to managing your team in Zuper? Learn how you can help your field technicians perform tasks efficiently and analyze available information to make insightful decisions.


Listed below are some common questions new Zuper supervisors ask in their initial days of managing Zuper for their organization.  

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    Scheduling Jobs Efficiently

Jobs can be easily scheduled and rescheduled within the Schedule module. Unscheduled jobs can be just dragged across the calendar right into the date you want them to be scheduled.

Note: Only the jobs that have not started can be dragged and rescheduled. Completed jobs can neither be dragged nor be rescheduled.

Routes in Zuper help employees in finding the best possible route to the customer service locations. 

In Zuper, routes are created based on the Departure Location, Date, Time, and Type of Transport. New routes can be created by clicking on the Routes option in the Maps module.

All the jobs scheduled for the day will be overlayed on the route map based on the customer’s service location which is retrieved from the Job Details Page. 

To view jobs scheduled for the day, select the Maps module from the Menu bar. On the Maps page, select Jobs. It will list down all available jobs for the day on the map in the window on the left. The map overlayed route is visibile on the right.

Jobs that are unscheduled or overdue can be viewed as insights in the Dashboard. It offers insights into the three types of jobs namely New, Scheduled, and Overdue jobs.

You can view a pictorial representation of job schedules by status type in the Dashboard. Job statuses are differentiated using the color codes mentioned on the right-hand side of the doughnut chart in the Dashboard 

To see the breakdown of jobs by status, you need to click on the i icon on the Job Stats by Status report. What’s more, clicking on the count will redirect you to a list of jobs filtered by the specific status type. 

Canceled jobs are represented in yellow, red refers to incomplete jobs, green denotes completed jobs, purple shows jobs that are in progress, and indigo lists down jobs that are yet to be started. 

Additionally, you can also differentiate job statuses right from the Schedule based on the color difference of the Job Card. For, the color of your job cards will different based on the type of your Job Status. 

You can click on the Filter Schedule option in the top right corner of the Schedule page. It will enable you to either Filter by Job Category or Filter by Team.

    Manage Technicians Effortlessly

If your organization has enabled the Track Location option while creating the employee, the real-time location of your Punched-In field technicians can be accessed through the Maps module.

Employee Schedule is used to view and reschedule jobs for a specific employee. To access Employee Schedule, you need to click on the Go to Employee Schedule button which is available on the top right corner of the Schedule tab.

The Maps module in Zuper does not only show the live location of the employee but also replay the travel and route history of the user when they are punched in for work.

You can view a user’s location history by clicking on the Users icon in the left bar of the Maps module. Once you narrow down the team and select a specific employee and date you can merely click on the View History link to see an employee’s location history.

    Reports & Dashboard

While you cannot create a custom dashboard, you can narrow down your results pretty easily with the help of our powerful built-in filters.

Job Reports help you analyze the performance of your field team. It slices and dices through your data and turns it into meaningful insights. You can retrieve Job Reports like Job Master Report, Job Status Report, Status Summary, Status History, Job Deviation, and more from the Job Reports section of the Reports module.

Employee and Team Reports are designed to help supervisors understand and analyze the performance of their team and field technicians in their team. You can retrieve insights on your team’s performance using insightful Employee and Team.

Reports like Employee Master Report, Timesheet Master Report, Time-Off Report, Employee Feedback Report, Location History Report, Time & Distance Report, and Timesheet Activity by Team Report.


You are now ready to take on your responsibility as a Zuper Supervisor for your organization.  

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