Zuper for Technicians

If you’re just getting started as a Technician in the Zuper Platform, read these frequently asked questions for a walk-through of how to manage your day-to-day jobs using Zuper.  


Listed below are some common questions new Zuper Technicians ask in their initial days of managing jobs or work orders using Zuper.

We also have Zuper for SupervisorsZuper for Administratorsand Custom Roles in Zuper to help you and your colleagues as they get started with Zuper. 

    Everything about Jobs

You can access all jobs assigned to you through the Zuper Pro Mobile App. By default, the jobs scheduled for the day are displayed in the app’s dashboard. What’s more, you can use the Filters available on our dashboard to view the count of jobs for the week, month, or a custom date range.

Yes, if your organization has enabled the option to allow technicians to accept/reject jobs, then you can do it right from your mobile app. You can accept or reject jobs in the mobile app by clicking on the “Reject” or “Accept” buttons in the respective Job Details Page. 

Yes, you can not only get in touch with other internal stakeholders from the job module but also chat with them within the job. What’s more, all conversations you have within a job are tied to the job itself thus adding context to the progress and issues that a technician faced during a job. 

Whenever you use a spare part or provide additional service to get a job done, you can enter the same in the work order so that they are taken into account during the invoice calculation. Parts or services used can be added to a customer’s invoice and the job itself either from the Zuper Web-App or Zuper Mobile App.

Zuper Pro Mobile App enables you to add Job Notes in the form of text comments, images, and documents to a job over its course. You can add anything from a simple text comment to a picture of the item being serviced in the job, using the Notes section in the middle pane of the Job Details Page. 

You can print and share your job details aka work orders whenever you need to share a copy of your job details version with your customer. You can accomplish this by using the Print/Share drop-down in the Job Details Page 

    Quotes & Invoices

As the job is progressing towards completion, you can create either New Quotes or Invoices right from the More Actions drop-down in the Job Details Page.

You can print and share job quotes and invoices with your customers if and when required. You can forward job invoices and quotes to your customers by using the Save & Send button in the new quotation or invoice page as well as from existing Quote & Invoice Details pages 

If your organization has enabled the Send Payment Link option in the custom invoice field, then entering Yes under the Send Payment Link drop-down located in the Other Details section will prompt an email with the payment link to your customers. 

You can convert customer-approved quotations to invoices by clicking on the More Actions menu on the Quote Details Page 


Once you log in to the Zuper Pro Mobile App, you can find the Punch In button in the Menu bar that is located on the left. Clicking on it, will capture the time of your login and successfully log you into work for the day. 

After successfully logging in for the day, you will find the Take Break button enabled. It will be visible in the Menu bar right below your captured Punch In time. Clicking on the Take Break button will mark your status as unavailable for the moment.  

If you would like to resume work after a break, you can click on the Resume Work button in the Menu. You will be logged back into work and your status will be changed to available.

Once you log in to the Zuper Pro Mobile App, you can find the Punch Out button in the Menu bar that is located on the left. Clicking on it, will capture the time of your log out, make a note on your timesheet and successfully log you out of work for the day. 

You can find your timesheet by logging into the Zuper Mobile App and click on the Timesheets module in the Menu bar. The Timesheets module will give you a clear overview of your day with information like Punch In Time, Total Work Time, Total Break Time, and Punch Out Time. 

    Account Management

You can update the password of your Zuper account using the Change Password field located in the Personalization section of your Settings module.

You can change your date format using the Personalization option located in the Settings module. The timezone in your Zuper Mobile App is auto-set based on your phone’s default timezone settings. 


You are now ready to take on your responsibility as a Zuper Technician for your organization.  

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