9 Field Service Trends Every Landscaping Business Should Keep an Eye on

When running a landscaping business with field servicing involved, field service management will be a big factor in the business’ operations and, therefore, success. Thankfully, there are many advances in the technology side of operating fieldwork. The most vital of all tech applications for the field is running field service management (FSM) software. In fact, […]

Top 5 Customer Service Improvement Strategies for Field Service Businesses

Nearly 32% of field service businesses fail to hit the 80 percent mark when it comes to customer satisfaction. Why? Applying the same customer service improvement strategies to all customers is ineffective. Every customer is unique. And so, all customer relationships cannot be handled the same way. Placing too much emphasis on mere feedback surveys […]

9 Best Lawn Care Apps for Every Landscaping Business in 2021

Lawn care apps are technology solutions that help landscaping businesses manage their operations and field technicians effectively. The process of digitizing and automating otherwise monotonous landscaping scheduling and dispatching work is a trend that only continues to accelerate.  If you’re one of those landscaping business owners who is just starting to look for the best lawn care apps, know that while […]

Meet Raghav Gurumani and Vijay Narasiman from the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Raghav Gurumani and Vijay Narasiman say the result of their impressive young career has been “a combination of working hard, embracing challenges, and staying humble all the while.” They insist that they couldn’t have accomplished it without the help & support of their family and friends at Zuper. And while that may be true, most […]

5 Ways Geofencing Can Shave Hours Off Your Field Service Operations

Field service operations are plagued by skyrocketing demands of tech-savvy customers. Ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness is nearly impossible when field service businesses have little to no visibility of their field service operations. As a result, businesses are focusing on ways to reduce chaos and enhance their geofencing capabilities in field operations. Did you know? […]

All Clean Services Selects Zuper to Transform a Modern Distributed Field Force

Zuper, provider of a productivity suite for intelligent field service management and customer engagement today announced a deal with All Clean Services, a Florida-based commercial cleaning, and facility management company. All Clean Services will leverage Zuper to efficiently manage its distributed field workforce across the United States that includes Full-time W2 employees, Contractors, and on-demand […]

7 Proven Productivity-Boosting Strategies for Your HVAC Business

The demand for residential and commercial HVAC services has seen a steady increase since 2010. By 2050, 2/3 of the world’s households are expected to have centralized air-conditioning services. These statistics promise a bright future for HVAC businesses. With the increasing number of opportunities in this space, the competition is also bound to rise. With […]

Life at Zuper: Employee Q&A With Aravind

At Zuper, we put our people first and strive hard to create an inclusive culture that’s focused on our goals while having each other’s back. We believe in working together as a family, facing challenges head-on, and putting our heart and soul into building an awesome product.  This series of blog posts intended to showcase […]

Cleaning Checklists Every House Cleaning Startup Needs

Most cleaning business owners think that cleaning checklists are pretty much useless since they are available only for the simplest of cleaning tasks. We don’t consider house cleaning checklists as a tool for increasing efficiency and ensuring consistency. But the power of cleaning schedules and checklists have been proven time and again by the best […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) can strike fear in the heart of even seasoned marketers. For new business owners who are trying to establish their brand in the digital space, it is a complete nightmare. Whatever line of business you are involved in, SEO is a crucial part to reach your tech-savvy potential customers.   […]