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Finding the Best HVAC Contractor in California

HVAC Business Tips

If you’ve ever been to California, you know how the weather is out there. It’s warm throughout the year, especially if you live around the coastal areas. Though HVAC systems are pretty common in most states, their importance in California cannot be emphasized enough due to the weather.

The direct consequence of this is an abundance of HVAC technicians and contractors. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state has the second-highest number of HVAC professionals in the country.

On the one hand, this is great news for the local population, but it also poses an important challenge. How do you pick the best HVAC contractor from this crowd?

We have some tips for you in this post. Here are they –

1. Talk to people in the community

Do a simple exercise. Go for a walk and visit different buildings around your locality. Speak to different house owners that you meet on the way and ask about the HVAC contractor they have hired. Most people will be willing to share this information. Get their honest reviews and opinions about the contractor they’ve hired.

Another option is to visit the nearest commercial buildings. If the building has security personnel, they will tell you the details about the HVAC contractor hired for the building.

2. Do an online search

We’ve reached a stage where it is hard to live without Google. It’s your portable library to look for every answer to every question in the world. So why not ask the best HVAC contractor in my area to Google. Search for keywords like “local HVAC contractors,” “commercial HVAC contractors,” “Best HVAC contractor near me,” etc. to find them quickly.

This would give you a long list of technicians and contractors in your vicinity. Look at their reviews. Note down their contact details. If they have a website, even better. Drop into their site to see what all services they offer. If they have a social media account, don’t miss it. See their past activities and whether any customer has raised a complaint. If yes, how did they resolve it?

3. Look for certification

Before finalizing an HVAC contractor or a technician, it is essential to look for certificates and licenses that will prove their credibility. The HVAC professionals in California must have a state license to perform any HVAC operation that values over $500. In other words, the license issued by the California Contractor State License Board is a must for practicing HVAC in the state.

The contractor license you should look out for is called C-20 – Warm-Air heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Contractor. The professionals with this license would either have a four-year journeyman experience and have undergone required training through a program or have an equivalent college degree. Once a technician is qualified, they need to pass the licensing exam and clear a criminal background check to obtain the certification. It will also be ideal if you could briefly understand HVAC contractors license requirements during this phase so that you gauge the technician better.

4. Discuss with them over phone

As the last step, talk to the HVAC technicians over the phone. Get to know them better. Ask them questions related to the services and technologies they use. For example –

  • What HVAC business software do they use?
  • Do they have HVAC dispatch software in place?
  • How are they managing their HVAC field service?

Even though these questions do not greatly matter to your job, finding answers can actually help determine how professional and thorough they are with their work.


Finding the right HVAC contractor is the key to making your place comfortable. California as a state has helped by making sure that all the HVAC Contractors and technicians get certified before starting to work in the industry. Apart from that, you can follow the above steps to find the best contractor in California.

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