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The Essential Roofer Salary Guide for 2022

Roofing Business Tips

If you are hiring for your roofing company you might have asked yourself, “how much do I need to pay?” “How much do roofers make in other areas?” “Am I overpaying?” These questions are common and frequently arise when beginning the hiring process.

We have done some of the heavy lifting for you. We spent some time looking at the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics and the crowd-sourced data available over at Payscale and put it together below. Take a look at what we found before getting too far in your hiring process. Read on to see how different factors, such as location may impact the expected roofing salary in your area.

Roofer Salary Infographic_Info

Average annual salary based on the location

Where you live can have a real impact on the amount a roofer expects to be paid. The average annual salary for a roofer in Alaska is a whopping $76,760 but that same job in Puerto Rico is only going to pull in $24,240…that is a difference of over $52,000! Location matters, so make sure you are taking that into consideration—especially if you have just moved to a new area or your applicants are from somewhere else. Everyone should know what to expect.

And really, this is not unreasonable. The cost of living can range dramatically across the states and territories, and this is going to impact compensation. If you are hiring a roofer in a major city or an expensive state, then you can expect to pay more.

Below we have listed the average annual salaries in different states, this information was provided by a Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Roofer Salary

As we can see the average salary in the US, and US Territories is ~$46,745 annually. There are however 30 states offering a higher than average salary. As stated above, Puerto Rico is paying the least at $24,240 annually, and Alaska is offering the highest rate of pay at $76,760 annually.

Roofer Salary Infographic

Based on the experience

Experience also plays a role in salary increases over time, and a pretty important one. The more experience someone has in their field, the more they expect to earn. It is not different for roofers. The table below will help you put this in perspective; it shows the different experience levels and salary ranges associated with them.

Experience level Annual Salary Range
Entry $23,000 – $43,000
Early $26,000 – $51,000
Mid-career $30,000 – $58,000
Experienced $32,000 – $73,000

Based on the skillset

Not all skillsets are the same, and they are not paid the same either. The proficiency of a roofer in a given skill can weigh into how much they are compensated, but so can things like demand and market saturation. The table below lists five skillsets a roofer may have and the average salary ranges found across the US and US Territories.

Skillset Annual Salary Range
Roofing Materials Installation $28,000 – $59,000
Gutter Installation $26,000 – $56,000
Safety Compliance $30,000 – $61,000
Siding Installation $26,000 – $54,000
Cleaning $26,000 – $66,000


Skilled and experienced roofers are certainly deserving of their compensation—they carry out a core function of any roofing company. Hopefully, we have brought a little context to what the expectations might be in your area when hiring a new roofer. Get more roofing business tips here and keep yourself updated.

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