10 Affordable Tools to kickstart your Cleaning Business

This eBook gives Cleaning Business entrepreneurs a curated list of top 10 tools they should explore to stand out in a competitive space. It also throws light on how they can delight their customers by managing service bookings and invoices efficiently.

What you’ll learn

COVID-19 has brought the worst economic crisis with retail businesses being the worst hit. Cleaning businesses, on the contrary, have experienced a sudden boom in their business as there is a pressing need for maintaining hygiene. As a Cleaning Business, you need to position yourself as a top player in the market by exploring the latest technology. This eBook throws light on how you can leverage 10 affordable tools to,

  • Appear on top of the search when prospects look for cleaning services
  • Track your maids’ real-time location
  • Assign the right job to the right maid
  • Reach your prospects using personalized messaging
  • Optimize your checkout and recover an abandoned cart
What you will learn from this eBook