Lawn Care Business Software for Landscaping Businesses of all Sizes

Unlike other landscaping software, Zuper solves all landscaping business problems at the core of its solution, not as bolt-ons which make things more complex and expensive.  

All Your Landscaping Business Needs in One Place

Speed up your landscaping operations with seamless booking, hassle-free scheduling, quick and easy dispatching, 360-degree visibility, and actionable insights. 

Don’t Just Offer a Booking Process, Deliver an Experience

Manual booking interfaces neither make the booking process seamless nor do they prevent mishaps like double booking or scheduling conflicts.

On the other hand, a landscape estimating software will offer a touch-free booking experience that runs like a well-oiled machine. An ideal lawn care scheduling and billing software takes an array of factors from promised SLAs to the team’s availability before scheduling an appointment.

Clear the Communications Clutter in Your Landscaping Business

The biggest challenge in the manual landscaping business process is poor communication with stakeholders who are located in different parts of the city and work across different shifts. Lack of coordination will lead to poorly organized landscaping contracts from start to finish. 

An ideal landscaping maintenance software like Zuper helps lawn mowing companies bring all their stakeholders from customers to field technicians and back-office administrators in a single page through work order notes and inbuilt chat to keep everyone informed about real-time ETA, work order related updates, and more. 

A Fresh Approach to Attract and Engage Customers

Gone are the days where landscaping business owners had little to no control over their SERP visibility and marked abandoned carts as missed opportunities. 

The right lawn care software will enable landscaping businesses to not only widen their reach with built-in SEO manager and omnichannel experience but also reduce the number of lost leads with shopping cart recovery options which enable lawn care businesses to retarget potential customers and win them back. 

Zuper for Administrators

Manage Your Cash Flow the Way You Want to

When your historical landscaping data is scattered across multiple solutions, it is hard to find a single source of truth about unpaid invoices and it is downright impossible to get clear insights into your cash flow. 

When all data related to landscape maintenance (schedules, work orders, estimates, and invoices) is stored in a central place, lawn care business leaders can easily track open unpaid invoices, manage fulfilled invoices, and analyze rejected estimates and invoices with the click of a button. What’s more, they can turn all their historical landscaping invoice data into meaningful, actionable insights to better manage their cash flow and get paid faster. 

Lawn Care Maintenance Starts and Stops Here

  • zendesk-quotations

    Landscaping Quotes and Landscape Estimating Software

    Standardize quotation management with an ideal landscaping estimate app that generates estimates for landscaping jobs with unmatched accuracy. 

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  • zendesk-invoicing

     Landscaping Invoice Software

    Reduce overhead costs and eliminate unnecessary delays that prevent you getting paid on time. Convert your landscaping quotations to invoices in a click.

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  • hvac-team-collaboration

     Landscaping Job Management App

    Enable your technicians to create, approve/reject, and manage work orders right from their mobile. Empower them to create estimates and invoices right from the lawn care app. 

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  • zendesk-work-order-management

    Landscaping Work Order Management Software

    Create, edit, and manage landscape jobs or work orders on time, every time. With role-based access, give your landscaping team all the work order information they need to get the job done.

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  • zendesk-asset-management

    Landscaping Recurring Job Management

    Never miss another recurring landscaping service appointment again. Manage recurring jobs and one-time visits like a pro with Zuper’s recurring job management feature. 

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  • zendesk-intelligent-location-services

    Intelligent Routing for Landscaping

    Tired of chasing technicians to know the status of a ticket? Zuper lets you easily view, track, assign nearby jobs, and route your technicians with GPS directions in a hassle-free way 

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  • zendesk-scheduling-dispatching

     Landscape Scheduling and Dispatching Software

    Say goodbye to missed appointments with an ideal landscape scheduling and billing software that enables you to dispatch the right person to a job with a drag and drop calendar.

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  • hvac-timesheet-management

     Landscaping Timesheet Management

    Speed up your timesheet management process with facial recognition and other geo-location services which eliminate the need for technicians to punch in manually. 

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  • zendesk-contract-management

     Landscaping Contract Management Software

    Efficiently manage the lifecycle of your customer service SLAs and agreed upon service contracts with rule-based process workflows and landscaping maintenance software. 

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We save around 20 hours per week of administrative time by streamlining our scheduling and dispatching process with Zuper. Our field technicians are more productive than ever and the customer satisfaction level is at an all-time high.
Amy Rojas, Operations Manager, Creative Irrigation

Fits Perfectly into Your Software Arsenal

Connect Zuper seamlessly with your existing lawn care business software to eliminate data silos, human errors, and redundancy. 

Zuper Integrations