Combine Zuper field service management and Zendesk

Zuper + Zendesk – Transforming Customer Experience for Field Service Industries

Leverage the power of Zuper intelligent field service management on Zendesk to digitize, automate & optimize your field operations and delight your customers.

Zuper field service management on Zendesk

Combine the power of Customer Support and Field Service to delight your customers

Integrate Zuper and Zendesk to create the best of breed customer service solution from the first point of interaction to the field service delivery. Enable your customer support agents to schedule field service tickets directly from Zendesk for maximized productivity and improved customer experience.

Empower agents to seamlessly schedule Field Service visits

Zuper offers industry-leading field service scheduling and dispatching capabilities which are now offered directly within the Zendesk ticket. Support agents can easily schedule field service visits within a single click of a button.

  1. Pick the date and timeslot depending on the customer preference and the availability of the technicians
  2. Geo-coding of the customer address for location intelligence
  3. Smart scheduling and dispatching to the right technician based on the organization preferences (location, availability, skillset, etc.)
Zendesk support agents schedule field service visits
Zuper's Intelligent Automated Communication on Zendesk

Intelligent and automated communication with customers during the lifecycle of support

Keep the customers in a tight loop with automated notifications, reminders, and alerts. No more manually texting or calling the customers to remind for a technician visit.

  1. Automated work order booking confirmation via email or text message
  2. Trigger notifications and alerts based on intelligent workflows
  3. Remove the guesswork and notify ETAs to customers when the field technician is on the way
  4. Enable customers to review and rate the service

Empower your field force technicians to operate efficiently and offer the best customer experience

Best in class technology to enable your field technicians and mobile workforce to operate at the maximum potential and collaborate seamlessly with the back office and the customers.

  1. Automated notification and alerts for your team on job reminders, SLA violations, and critical alerts
  2. Capture all the data from the field including pictures, audio, video, documents and attach to the work orders
  3. Smart routing, actionable insights, work order details, and customer history to improve productivity and efficiency
  4. Real-time collaboration and syncing of all information to the back office
Field technicians collaborate on Zendesk using Zuper

Delight customers with Zuper and Zendesk

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