Modern Booking Application for your Service Business

Enable your customers to browse, select, and book in 3 easy steps. Zuper’s Modern Booking Application gives uber-like experience for on-demand services. Increase revenue with improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Modern Booking Application
Booking embedded in web application

Booking embedded in your Web Application

Booking is no longer an afterthought. Modern Booking Application integrated into the website to offer a seamless experience to your customers.

Content Management System (CMS)

Rich CMS for configuring categories, subcategories, and variants in your booking experience. Customize pricing options and offer personalized experiences.

Configure booking experience using CMS
Upsell recurring services

Upsell services within the Booking Experience

Upsell recurring services and recommend add-on services within the booking experience. Increase revenue with tailored booking experience to suit your business needs.

Embed Booking Widget in social media channels

Offer a consistent booking experience to your customers across all the channels. Embed booking experience in your Facebook pages and enable your customers to seamlessly book your services.

Embed booking widgets