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Partner Connect 2022 Is Back!

After the success from last year’s event, we have built and grown tremendously with you. We have a lot to share and can’t wait to showcase the robust features and integrations we’ve come up with.

22nd September, 2022 | Online

Partners Make More Possible

Partner Connect 2022 brings together channel partners, resellers, ISVs, SIs, and marketplace partners. Connect and collaborate with the Zuper team, network with other partners and learn about the future of field service management. Enable organizations to digitize, automate, and optimize service operations.

About Partner Connect 2022

Partner Connect 2022 is aimed specifically at helping partners understand how they can harness Zuper to accelerate their business growth.

  • Solutions

    Products & Solutions

    The past year has been transitional and we can’t wait to share with you the latest product updates from Zuper and how it will help your customers.

  • Leadership

    Thought Leadership

    To help your customers get the best of Zuper, we help you explore and learn the changing landscape of field service management by providing you with tools to upgrade.

  • Workshop

    Technical Workshop

    Find new ways to unlock the full potential of Zuper with hands-on workshops. Learn how to build apps and integrations on top of Zuper by our own product experts.

  • Integrations

    Featured Integrations

    Learn how our customers are leveraging Zuper with HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk, Stripe and other applications to transform service businesses.



Eduard Maximov

Chief Marketing Officer, PayByFace


Poorvi Shrivastav

GM & VP, Products HubSpot

CXO Advisory Board, Hetz Ventures


Wajid Zakir

Co-Founder, Quiz Informatics


Gary Schwake

Managing Partner, Yield Group Growth Advisory


Brandon Lytle

Head Of Partnerships, Field Nation


Francisco E. Figueroa

Vice-President of E-Commerce, PuntoShop


Myles Osswald

Chief Financial Officer with Global Operation, Pro-Vigil Surveillance Services


Ben Souva

Co-founder, Trim Landscaping


David Nour


Michael Blumberg

President & CEO, Blumberg Advisory Group


Anand Subbaraj

CEO, Zuper


Michael Israel

Head of Field Service Evangelism, Zuper


Raghav Gurumani

CTO, Zuper


Sai Padmarajen

Head of Channels & Ecosystem Partnership, Zuper

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60 minutes

Overview of Zuper

Anand Subbaraj
CEO, Zuper

Zuper Inc. CEO Anand Subbaraj will give a keynote presentation on the company’s evolution from a seed idea to a world-leading FSM solution followed by on how partners can get involved in this growth story.

60 minutes

Expert Talk

David Nour + Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg and David Nour will share their expertise and knowledge on Service Lifecycle Management, Field Service, and Reverse Logistics. Michael is the President & CEO of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc. and David is the CEO of The Nour Group, Inc.

60 minutes

Developer Paradise

CTO, Zuper

Get an in-depth look at how to use the Zuper Developer Platform to build your own apps. Our CTO, Raghav Gurumani, will give a guided tour of the platform and show you how to use it to speed up your development process.

60 minutes

Thoughtshots from Zuper Ecosystem Partner

Poorvi Shrivastav
GM & VP, Product, HubSpot

Session with Poorvi Shrivastav, VP HubSpot Service Hub on the Strategic Partnership between HubSopt & Zuper and how the seamless integration between the two is changing the CX dynamics across service business line.

30 minutes

Understanding Field Nation through the Zuper Way

Brandon Lytle, Head of Partnerships, FieldNation

Overview on Field Nation and brief integration demonstration between Zuper x FieldNation

60 minutes

Inspiring Integrations

Raghav + Vijay + Sanjay
Zuper Architect Group

Explore and understand the multi-faceted integration capabilities of the Zuper Platform across the industry’s best suite of products, including HubSpot, Stripe, Zendesk, Zoho, and Field Nation, and how your company can benefit from them.

45 minutes

Tell Your Story

Wajid, Gary, Francisco, Eduard
Zuper Premium Partners

Our partners lead the way to digital transformation with Zuper. In this session, our existing premium partners will describe how Zuper is an unprecedented opportunity for growth and innovation.

30 minutes

Tales of our Customers

With Myles Osswald, CFO, Pro-Vigil; Ben Souva, Founder, TRIM; and Jacob Askal, CTO, PDI Health.

Customers are at the forefront of everything we do here at Zuper. As such, we always make sure that we are providing the best products and services available to them. In turn, they often have amazing stories to share about their experience using Zuper. Hear them all.

30 minutes

Zuper Partner Program

Sai + Karthik
Zuper Partner Group

An interactive session designed to give potential partners a comprehensive understanding of Zuper’s operations, benefits, partner network, strategy, roadmap, and feedback from existing partners.

30 minutes

Zuper Partner Awards 2022

Featured awards ceremony for Zuper partners who have been integral to our success.

30 minutes

Partner Open Session

Breakout session for partners and speakers – this is where you will have the opportunity to brainstorm on ideas and initiatives, feedbacks, get your questions answered, and engage in discussion.

Partner Connect 2022, Since Partners Make More Possible