After working with major tech solutions Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe Commerce, and Zendesk, Francisco Nigaglioni recognized a developing opportunity to guide businesses in the Caribbean and Central America through digital transformation. Businesses in the region were ready to upgrade their operations through newly available technology, but they struggled with the implementation. So, Nigaglioni started PuntoShop.

PuntoShop helps businesses simplify their operations by connecting them with easy-to-use and implemented platforms with a fast time-to-market. Since most of PuntoShop’s clients do not have in-house developers, they need software ready to go ‘out of the box’ but flexible enough to be personalized to their unique workflows.

Field service management is one of the more lengthy parts of digital transformation. Whether consumers shop in-store, online, or over the phone, the delivery, installation, and maintenance service interactions become a critical element of the customer experience.

PuntoShop needed a field service management solution that modernized operations for their clients with field services and allowed their eCommerce clients to capitalize on the rising opportunities in that market.

Challenges and Opportunities

Untapped Market

In recent years, customer experience has been at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Many realized that improved customer satisfaction relies on digital transformation. Those businesses want to adopt the best technology, tools, and software as rapidly as possible.

PuntoShop’s customers are primarily eCommerce businesses that need a trusted partner to implement complex technology stacks without unnecessary delays and errors.

PuntoShop’s expertise is connecting its customers with the perfect technology for every workflow step. But they were missing the best field service management software for businesses that needed to create an end-to-end solution.

Advanced Technology Demands

The majority of PuntoShop’s customers are fast-growing SMBs or mid-sized companies—up-and-comers looking to scale. Thus, they do not have the resources to hire a developer to build a fully custom solution.

Instead, they need solutions they can quickly connect with through user-friendly integrations to create a cohesive operations system. That is why PuntoShop recommends only technology its customers can simply integrate with the existing software.

Increased Customer Pressure

As technology adoption progresses, consumers of eCommerce and services businesses in the Caribbean and Central America have raised their expectations. They want businesses to deliver high-quality products quickly, and those expectations extend to the installation and ongoing maintenance.

PuntoShop drives success by helping its clients streamline their workflows to become more efficient and develop a competitive advantage around their customer experience.

After examining the field service management software on the market, PuntoShop chose Zuper. As the most flexible and customizable field service management software today, Zuper provides custom-configured field service workflows while integrating with the leading CRM, ERP, communications and collaboration app technologies.


Asset Management

Ordering a product or requesting service is the customer’s first step before businesses provide delivery, installation, or repair services onsite. PuntoShop’s clients are looking for a smooth transition from purchase to service delivery to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Zuper provides a best-in-class asset management solution to help service businesses manage the lifetime of a customer’s asset. Workflows can be configured to alert the business and end customer about maintenance that is due and advanced reporting helps them track products long-term. Hence, they never miss a follow-up or an opportunity to increase customer value.

Mobile App

Field service technicians on the road do not have time to manage paperwork. They need field service management software that offers all the required information, all in one place, to empower them to complete the job efficiently.

When field service technicians use Zuper, they can complete project checklists, update job records with notes, photos, and videos, and even complete their timesheets from one single app. They also have all the details of the job right at their fingertips. By streamlining their technology, businesses increase technician productivity, opening up time to serve additional customers.

Integration With Zendesk

Thanks to Zuper’s Zendesk integration, PuntoShop delivers clients a seamless connection between their customer support and field service operations, creating the ultimate service experience.

The integration enables support agents to create a new Zuper job from within the Zendesk interface in only a few clicks. In addition, job details automatically sync and generate an alert for the service technicians in the field.

Ongoing Optimizations

Zuper offers a robust set of workflow settings that enables PuntoShop to configure custom solutions for their clients within a short time. PuntoShop can help build an integrated digital ecosystem with over 60 leading productivity apps that help businesses optimize and streamline their operations.

Zuper’s interoperability and quick setup enable PuntoShop to help its clients reduce the go-to-market time, providing a quick return on their investment and increasing their likelihood for success.

What Is Next for PuntoShop?

Field service operations is often the most important customer loyalty strategy for service businesses today, and business leaders aim to improve their customer satisfaction through better service deliver. For this, they look to digitally transform their field service operations and improve their service workflows and create a superior customer experience.

Adding Zuper’s Field Service Management software to PuntoShop’s top-rated digital transformation solutions offering has opened brand-new opportunities for them. PuntoShop has successfully helped its clients digitize their end-to-end business processes and refine their clients’ customer service to boost their brand’s reputation.

PuntoShop is excited about building a long-term partnership with Zuper, helping to create product demos, support documents, and sales materials in Spanish to expand its reach to more customers.

“Zuper is easy! It was the natural choice, given that it is highly flexible and customizable and does not require heavy tech resources to set up and manage it. This all leads to a quick ROI for my clients.”

Francisco Figueroa, CEO and Founder, PuntoShop

If custom-configured field service management software would be a game changer for your clients, we invite you to learn more about Zuper’s Partner Network.