iPhone Time Tracking App for Field Service Employee Timesheets and More

Stay on top of your field worker’s timesheets with Zuper’s accurate time tracker. Its intuitive shortcuts make it easier than ever to track employee timesheets on the go easily on your iPhone.


Automate Your Field Worker's Timesheets

With Zuper’s iPhone time tracker for field service employees, there’s no need to track your employees’ time on paper manually. Their login time, logout time, and break time can be captured accurately on Zuper Pro App. This automation helps improve your productivity and make smarter decisions.

Track Field Workers Effortlessly on iPhone

Need to track your employee’s location without being intrusive? Zuper helps you do just that! Zuper’s field service time tracking app gives you the power to see where your field service employees are, what task they’re performing, and when they’ll be available for the next job.

Smart Time Tracking App for iPhone Users

Track your field track workers in real-time with the time tracking app on iPhone. Experience easy to navigate time tracking app with lots of interesting features like geo-fencing, real-time location tracking, time-off management, and more on your Zuper time tracking iPhone app.


Geolocation uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell towers to locate a specific device. A device’s location is displayed on a map. Geofencing is used to create virtual boundaries around geographic areas. When a technician enters or exits one of these locations, it triggers an action within your app. For example, you can trigger an alert if your employees leave work at lunchtime or notify customers when a technician is on their way to your customer’s place. You can use these technologies to create powerful proximity-based field service experiences for your internal and external users.

The time tracking app for iPhone helps dispatch/schedule work orders, assign tasks, and collaborate seamlessly with other stakeholders. It carefully tracks the billable hours of field service teams, reducing timesheet errors. Your technicians can easily clock in and out with the iPhone app, which will track their time accurately.

The time tracking app uses geofencing to know when your technicians arrive at or leave their place of work. Geofencing uses their iPhone’s GPS to detect a field service executive entering or exiting a specific customer’s location.

Yes, it’s straightforward to track time with an iPhone app. A mobile app is a great way to stay on top of your time tracking, especially if your field workforce has jobs spread across the city. The best part about using a smartphone app is that you can accurately capture working hours with facial recognition and GPS tracking, eliminating any chance of buddy punching or other timesheet fraud!

Yes, you can manage time-off for remote teams using an iPhone app. Your remote field workforce can apply for time-off requests on the iPhone app, and when you try to assign a technician who is on time off, you will receive a conflict alert. The conflict alert will clearly show that the technician is unavailable for new jobs until their time-off period ends.