Manage your work orders efficiently, from anywhere.

Schedule faster, dispatch the right person to the job at the right time

Configurable Workflows.

When it comes to managing work orders & schedule, not every company runs the same way. So we have made it easier for you to incorporate your own workflows specific to your work order category.

With a simple drag & drop, you will be able to configure your work order process in minutes and even personalize the terminology of the statuses.

Checklists made easy.

Add checklist items to your work orders and associate with any status in a simple drag & drop style. You can easily add items from many pre-defined components including text box, radio buttons, bar code scan, dropdowns, etc,.

You can add canned responses for technicians to choose from or enable them to enter free text response directly from their mobile app.

Automate Notifications & Alerts.

No more texting your customers when your technician is dispatched or job is getting delayed. Keep your customers in loop with automated notifications.

Configure SMS & Email templates specific to different statuses & milestones and Zuper will automatically send the right notification at the right time to your customers.

Do more with Location Services.

With Zuper's Location services feature, we make it easy for you to locate your jobs & teams on maps in real-time from anywhere and respond to customer queries instantly.

You can also configure & send automated ETA and delay alerts to your customers and keep them in close loop.

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  • Collaborate & chat with your back-office from mobile app.
  • Manage work schedule, shifts & time-off requests.
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