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Modern booking experience

Modern Booking Experience

Offer a best-in-class omnichannel booking experience to delight your customers. Enable your customers to browse, select & book in 3 easy steps.

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Intelligent dispatching

Intelligent Dispatching

Manage your operations and workforce efficiently from anywhere. Dispatch the right person at the right place with the right information at the right time.

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Covid-19 Compliance

COVID-19 Compliance

Maintain COVID-19 compliance, create a safe environment for your field service management team, your customers, and the community.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get business 360 for real-time insights into your important KPIs. Optimize your operations by making data-driven decisions and actions.

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Work Order Management

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Choosing the right FSM software - Ask these questions first!

Getting out of your paper-based field service management environment to an automated field service scheduling aspect can be a lifesaver for businesses of all sizes. A good field service management system will allow businesses to optimize the routing and scheduling of their field workforce while ensuring complete transparency of the entire process for all stakeholders.

While the transition from manual tools to automation may sound daunting, the right field service management software can make it smooth. Listed below are some questions that can help you narrow down promising field service scheduling solutions.

While on-premise field service tools may seem like the secure option with the software installed in your own physical servers and computer systems or mobile devices on your local network, they will be pretty much useless for your field workforce and even back-office operators who work from a remote location.

Whereas, cloud-based field service management software is built and maintained by the service provider on their own servers. What’s more, they come with state-of-the-art security features like single sign-on, face authorization, etc., in a mobile-compatible, browser-friendly version that can be used by both your customer and employees seamlessly irrespective of the location. m-made processes on the run.

Not all software is made equal. So, even when you choose a field service management system that is specific to your niches like maid service software or cleaning business software, you need to understand that it might not be made with your organization in mind.

And, picking a tool that needs constant maintenance and support from a dedicated IT professional will not suit a cleaning business startup. Hence, it is vital that you pick a field service management tool that can be customized without any coding by any business user with administrator access.

In case the field service management software that you choose demands additional infrastructure or comes with a long learning curve, then your employees will have a hard time adapting to it and start looking for ways to bypass the system, which will lead to more complications.

If you make sure that your FSM software doesn’t require anything other than a working browser and a decent internet connection, it will not only make the life of your employees easy but also improve the overall efficiency of your field workforce.

In order to make a smooth transition from excel sheets or an outdated tool to your brand-new field service scheduling software. For effortless data migration, your chosen field service app needs to support API integration.

Most of the field service management solutions available in the market offer a free trial period so that users can test the product on their own and ensure it is capable of meeting their existing business needs.

A free trial provides you with an ample amount of time to alleviate any doubts you may have about an FSM suite’s performance and make an informed decision about the value you can extract from it.

The purse strings of a small business are often tight and so investing in a tool that requires a huge upfront investment can burn a hole into your pockets.

Instead, try looking for a field service scheduling solution that offers a pay-as-you-use model where you’re charged based on the number of users who use your system on a monthly or annual basis.

Being a part of the domain that grows exponentially, your field service dispatch software must be scalable enough to grow alongside your team as your service locations multiply and have the capability to support your growing customer base and offer custom-made processes on the run.

Gone are the days where field service agent lugged around from one customer service location to another with a overflowing paper folder with all crucial information on the service job that needs to be done.

An ideal field service software will offer its users a mobile-first experience replacing chunky file cabinet with a user-friendly mobile application. This mobile app must provide field agents all the information they need from customer location and contact to their any ad hoc requests or recent conversations they had with the back-office team.