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Our intelligent field service software easily helps with service scheduling, dispatching, work order management, timesheet management, estimating, quotes, invoices, job reporting & more.

Zuper field service management

Streamlined Field Service Operations

Field service management app efficiently manage field service operations through automation and intelligent workflows.

Work Order Management

Zuper’s work order management feature provides everything you need to manage, monitor, and fulfill work orders. From work order creation and technician assignment to job execution and debrief, everything is managed via field service app to ensure easy scheduling and dispatching.

Zuper's Work Order Management

Field Service Scheduling

Organizations with a large distributed field workforce operating and dealing with high volumes of service requests need smart scheduling solutions. Zuper’s powerful schedule optimization feature creates optimized schedules and routes automatically, in real-time.

Zuper Field Service Scheduling

Intelligent Dispatching

Intelligent dispatching ensures that the right person is at the right place with the right information every time. Zuper’s AI-powered intuitive and intelligent dashboard makes fleet management and job allocation tasks as easy as drag and drop.

Intelligent Dispatching

Intelligent Location Services

With Zuper’s GPS-based location tracking, you can leverage the power of real-time location intelligence for efficient dispatching, smart customer notifications, and automated workflows for better resource utilization and improved productivity.

Real-time Location Services

Timesheet Management

Zuper’s field service management system automates your timesheet management process, freeing up your field technicians from back-breaking paperwork while ensuring faster, more accurate time tracking. Now, your field technicians can accurately report the time they spend on a job without compromising their privacy.

Timesheet Management Software

Apps & Integrations

Zuper’s field service management software integrates seamlessly with 50+ third-party solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or accounting software and even with customer relationship management (CRM) applications to optimize your field operations.

Improved Customer Experiences

Empower your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently.


With just a click, Zuper Field service company software enables your Technicians and back-office teams to create instant estimates easily, build quotations in minutes, and convert leads into jobs.

Simple Estimation Software


Zuper’s simple and powerful invoicing software converts estimates into invoices in a matter of minutes. All information from the estimate is automatically populated in the invoice, thus helping you manage invoicing and payment collection in a hassle-free manner.

Automatic invoicing software

Mobile Application

Zuper’s mobile app empowers your customers to book the service request, track the status and collaborate with the technician on their mobile device. This ensures superior customer experience as it frees your customers from the hassles of constant follow up and back and forth phone calls.

Modern Booking Experience

Zuper’s modern booking application enables your customers to browse, select, and book an appointment or service request in 3 easy steps. With an uber-like experience for on-demand services, you can provide improved customer experience and enjoy increased business revenue.

Modern Booking Application

Increased Engagement, Better Conversions, More Repeat Business

Impress customers, engage them, and earn more repeat business and referrals.

Contract Management

Zuper’s contract management software enables you to manage service contracts and assets and plan preventative maintenance tasks, helping you establish a consistent stream of revenue.

Contract Management Software

Analytics & Reporting

With Zuper’s intelligent reporting and analytics tools, you can get real-time insights into your important KPIs and optimize your operations to monitor and boost your team’s performance and improve customer service experience.

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Cart Abandonment Analysis

Zuper’s intelligent cart abandonment analysis provides you with full visibility of your booking funnel to determine where your customers are dropping off. The insights let you identify failed bookings and improve revenue through proactive and personalized follow-ups.

Cart Abandonment Analysis

Zuper's Field Service Management
Software Integration

Zuper on Zendesk

Redefining Customer Experience for Zendesk Field Service Organizations

Zuper’s intelligent field service management on Zendesk enables you to not only digitize, automate, and optimize your field operations but also ultimately, delight your customers.

Zuper on Zoho

Connecting Sales and Customer Service for Zoho Field Service Customers

Zuper’s field service management on Zoho CRM empowers you to convert deals into service requests instantly, identify performance gaps, and deliver an outstanding and efficient customer service.

Benefits of Using Zuper's Field Service Management Solution (FSM)

From dispatching to invoicing, Zuper FSM automates your business workflows, and offers you benefits that improve customer satisfaction and business growth.

Informed Decisions

The insights gained through Zuper’s intelligent reporting and analytics tool will help you optimize your operations and make better and informed business decisions.

Intelligent Workflows

Zuper’s field service management software helps you create and deploy automated workflows based on your custom requirements to manage the end-to-end process efficiently.

Real-Time Visibility

An ideal field service management software helps you keep track of the job status, the technician’s actual time of arrival, and the time taken to complete a task. This real-time visibility helps validate the operational output of your field technicians.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Field service management software enables you to respond faster to customer requests. It also gives your customer an option to track their service engineer. Increased responsiveness leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Faster Invoicing

Zuper Field Service Management system automatically calculates the value of your services after taking into consideration the account warranty, discounts, and special pricing conditions.

Enhanced Professionalism

Zuper Field Service Management platform gives you a professional edge over your competitors. It stores all your business-related information in a centralized database allowing easy access of information to your employees whenever they need it without hampering their work.

Dynamic Scheduling

The field service management software’s built-in GPS tracks and sends real-time location updates, enabling dynamic scheduling that avoids overlapping or duplication of tasks by assigning the task to the technician closest to the service request location.

Better Resource Optimization

The field service software enhances the productivity of your on-field workers and enables better utilization of their resources by capturing their geo-coordinates. This helps in assigning the job to the closest available field technician, ensuring better team coordination ultimately saving cost and time.

Improved Efficiency

Field service management software automatically sends job tasks to the field technicians on their smartphones that include the type of job, relevant customer data and information, and the best route to get there. This optimizes the entire work order management process to ensure maximum efficiency.

Industry Solutions

We are more than just field service management software. We offer tools to help you run your business operations very efficiently


Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Whether servicing residential customers at a single location, or a huge number of commercial accounts spread across numerous locations, Zuper provides residential & commercial cleaning service providers with a unified system to help manage their cleaning business in a hassle free way.



Designing, installing, and servicing HVAC and refrigeration systems requires all-in-one HVAC software to handle an HVAC service business’ unending list of jobs. Zuper’s flexible and scalable HVAC field service software platform enables the field technicians to deliver exceptional customer service consistently.



Zuper is an essential tool for electrical companies to grow their businesses as it provides an end-to-end field service management platform to address all aspects of electrical field service operations. It empowers their electricians by reducing manual effort and improving their productivity and efficiency substantially.


Internet Service Providers

By using Zuper Field Service Management software, internet service providers automatically become proactive in their service deployment. They can easily track and manage service requests and seamlessly close service requests and eliminate backlogs.



Zuper Field Service Management software for plumbing service enables the team to stay on their toes when a service request is generated. From scheduling and dispatching technicians to creating invoices and accepting payments in the field, Zuper is an all-in-one hub for various plumbing business processes.



When designing outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens, it gets difficult to keep up with landscapers out on the field. With Zuper, managing landscaping business while on the go is possible: easily track the status of the workers, schedule new appointments, dispatch jobs and create invoices or charge clients with just a few clicks.


Garage Repair

Zuper for garage repair services is an all-in-one garage management solution to schedule and dispatch, create job estimates and invoices, prepare timesheets, and extract insightful reports.



Zuper is the most powerful, integrated software in the roofing service industry. It empowers the team with– mobile CRM, drag/drop scheduling, customized roof inspections, start to finish lead tracking, GPS tracking, and mobile alerts.


Swimming Pool

Zuper Field Service Management software allows managers and technicians to access their schedules, work orders, invoices, and more in an easy and hassle-free manner.


Property Maintenance

For property management services, the approach has to be top-notch and consistent. Zuper, with its best property management software, makes this possible at every level of the process. It is loaded with amazing features that allow the creation and management work orders with ease.


Managed Service Providers

Zuper Field Service Management software helps Managed Service Providers to connect with their customers easily, automate their workflows, track and maximize team utilization, and offer exceptional customer service.

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Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your FSM Software

As a business owner you know the importance of asking the right questions. We know that you may have many questions about field service management software as well. Is FSM software any good? Is it easy to access? Is it customizable? Can I try it before I buy it?
Yes. Yes, you can try it before you buy it. To help you with your decision making here are a few more FAQs about field service management software that may help you make up your mind.

Because the software installed is on your physical servers, on-premise FSM tools may seem like the secure option. But they will not be as helpful for your workforce in the field or the back-office operators working from remote locations as you think. The software is on your servers, so security is your problem—and it is up to you to make sure updates and patches are applied as needed.

However, cloud-based field service management software is built and maintained by the service provider on their servers. The security features cloud-based FSM software comes with are state-of-the-art. Features like single sign-on and face recognition come packaged in a mobile compatible, browser-friendly solution that your customers and employees can use irrespective of location.

Not all software is equal. Even when you choose an FSM system specific to your niche, you need to understand that it might not be designed with your particular use case in mind.

A tool that needs constant maintenance or support from a dedicated IT professional will not suit a startup. So, it is vital that you select a field service management tool that can be customized without coding by any user with administrator access.

To smoothly transition from Excel sheets or an outdated tool to a new field service scheduling solution, you need to consider API integration. API integration allows for effortless data migration between systems and is a feature you should prioritize when shopping for new solutions.

Zuper offers a free trial period so that users can test the product on their own and ensure it is capable of meeting their existing business needs.

A free trial provides you with an ample amount of time to alleviate any doubts you may have about the FSM suite’s performance and make an informed decision about the value you can expect from it.

Small Businesses frequently have tight budgets where every penny counts. Investing in a new tool requiring a substatial upfront investment can be understandably stressful.

Instead, a field service scheduling solution that offers a pay-as-you-use model might be more appropriate to your needs. With this model you are charged based on the number of users who use your system on a monthly or annual basis.

Being a part of an industry that experiences rapid growth, your field service dispatch software must be scalable. The solution you choose must provide enough flexibility to comfortably grow with you as your team and service locations expand. Make sure you are choosing a product that can be customized to your processes not just in the beginning, but over time as the needs of your company change and evolve.

Field service has come a long way. The days of service agents having to keep track of mountains of paper are thankfully drawing to a close. Today information required for a job can all be managed electronically and with greater efficiency. Misplacing a work order is not nearly the issue it once was—now a technician can look it up in real time! But all of this requires a software solution.

Ideally, any software chosen should be designed with a “mobile-first” experience in mind. User-friendly mobile applications should centralizes all the information a field agent needs in one place. Instead of having to cart around files and folders and keep track of far too many pieces of paper it is all in the palm of your hand…customer location…contact information…ad hoc requests and recent conversations with back-office team mates. Moving to a mobile solution is no longer the future it is the present.

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