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Field Service

How to Use Customer Feedback Marketing to Grow Your Business

Picture this – it is a beautiful day outside, and you are in your office working away when you receive an email notification. You open it up to find t...

Electrical Business Tips

4 Reasons Why Smart Tech is the Next Lucrative Career Opportunity for Electricians

Walk into a home today and it is not uncommon to find a variety of smart devices. Smart devices are defined so due to their ability to connect to the ...

Solar Business Tips

10 Solar Marketing Strategies You Can Start to Use Today

As the solar industry enjoys a positive response from the public, running a successful and steady solar business is a major concern for solar panel bu...

ISP Business Tips

10 Tricks That Can Increase Your ISP Sales

If you are still under the impression that old-school advertising methods like flyers and TV ads are enough to attract subscribers to your internet se...

Plumbing Business Tips

7 Best Plumbing Upgrades to Recommend for a Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are a plumber or own a plumbing business, no one knows better than you that the master bathroom is one of the most difficult places in a house ...

Electrical Business Tips

The Difference Between Wiremen and Linemen

When you want to install, repair, and maintain some new light fixtures, run wires through your new home, or replace a blown fuse, most of us call our ...

HVAC Business Tips

The Ultimate Guide To Tankless Water Heater: What You Need to Know

It’s hard to imagine a life without water heaters. Even if you are living in the tropics it can get chilly during the winters. Water heaters ensure th...


Communicate Better with Zuper and RingCentral Combined

Connect Zuper’s powerful field management solution with RingCentral’s cloud all-in-one phone, video, and messaging service to help elevate your ...

Conquer Shifting Customer Expectations with a Unified Field Service Experience-Carmen
Field Service

Conquer Shifting Customer Expectations with a Unified Field Service Experience

If you’ve been in the service industry for more than a few years, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a shift in customer expectations. With the technology a...

Electrical Business Tips

Top Six Skills Every Electrician Must Have

We live in a digital world where electricity is not just important to our daily lives, it’s inseparable. But for all the electric appliances and tools...

HVAC Business Tips

The Truth About HVAC Duct Cleaning

If you’ve seen this pipe-like structure running around your building, then you might already know what it is and its core purpose. But for the rest, t...

Common Electrical Terms Used by Every Electrician
Electrical Business Tips

Common Electrical Terms Used by Every Electrician

With a lot of old houses, apartments and buildings needing repairs and upgrades and newer structures needing the latest electrical wiring, electrician...