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7 Space Heater Alternatives to Eliminate Cold Spots

7 Space Heater Alternatives to Eliminate Cold Spots

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Are you using an electric space heater to help heat your home but finding that it’s not warming up certain spots? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with this same issue. The problem with most space heaters is that they are extremely noisy, bulky, unattractive, and expensive to run.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, space heaters are responsible for over 25,000 house fires and 300 fatalities every year. Few space heaters also release a toxic compound called carbon monoxide. So the best way to keep your family safe and comfortable this winter is by looking out for other heating options. And that’s where this post can help as we bring you some of the best space heater alternatives you can get right now.

Best space heater alternatives for heating a room

As the weather gets colder, space heaters become a popular way to stay warm. However, space heaters are often not very energy-efficient and have a lot of drawbacks. If you are looking for a space heater alternative, you are at the right place. Here are seven space heater alternatives:

Room-to-room vent fans

This is a great substitute for space heaters if you have a fireplace or a heating source in just one room. In other words, one room tends to be very warm, while other rooms are cool. Wall vent fans, also known as room-to-room vent fans, aid in heat distribution throughout your space.

The warm room wall is usually installed with an intake blower; the diffuser in the system distributes the warm air to the adjacent room that needs heating. This can also be used to move cold air during the summer season.

VRF system

Variant Refrigerant Flow is a technology that enables multiple indoor units to operate on the same system. The VRF system eliminates the need for ducts and instead uses refrigerant lines to heat or cool the air through multiple small handlers placed in the space.

You can individually control the temperature of each of these handlers placed in different rooms. This system is energy efficient and operates with no noise. Though it is quite expensive, it is one of the best space heater alternatives for those looking for great comfort.

Radiant heater

Radiant heaters depend primarily on radiant heat transfer, which means delivering heat directly to a room via infrared radiation from a heating source. Radiant heaters can be installed under carpet, wood floors, tiles, or laminates. If tearing down the floor is not possible, you can mount the radiant heaters to the ceiling or walls, thus avoiding reconstruction.

Electric blankets

This is a cost-effective alternative, especially if you want to warm just your body and not your entire house. These blankets are electricity powered and have electric wiring running through them; the blankets can generate heat instantly after plugging it into an electric socket. It is not only affordable but also quite portable.

You can carry it around and use it while you are going to sleep or to keep yourself warm while watching tv on a cold evening. However, this is not an effective solution if you are trying to warm the house.

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace warms up the room and also creates a pleasant ambiance. It works in a very similar manner to that of the electric heater. An electric fireplace can be designed in any way you need; you can even blend it with your interiors. However, it is a permanent fixture. Electric heaters usually come fixed with a fan that can be noisy. So if you wish to avoid that, then an electric fireplace is an apt choice as it doesn’t make any noise.

Solar patio heater

Solar patio heater works very similar to that of an electric space heater. The only difference is the power source. Solar patio heater gets power from solar panels. This is a cost-efficient heating system as you don’t have to pay high energy bills. This solution is also eco-friendly. A solar patio heater can warm up several feet of area, and it is best suited for an outdoor setup.

Heated mattress pad

This works similarly to that of an electric blanket. These pads are specifically designed for beds and can be directly placed on top of your mattress and connected to electricity. It will heat up the entire surface of the mattress and is best suited for two people. You can also adjust the heat or control it via a timer.


We hope that you found this post helpful in finding an alternative to your electric space heater. Each of the alternatives we’ve listed has its own unique benefits, so be sure to consider all your options before making a decision. Which space heater alternative did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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