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A Field Nation and Zuper Integration for Healthy Field Service Operations


Field Nation is a trusted on-demand talent platform that connects field service businesses with skilled technicians to get work done. Field service technicians are the face of any field service management company. A key challenge field service businesses face assigning the right technician at the right time for the right job.

If field service businesses are one technician short, they are one happy customer short. The Field Nation platform helps bridge that gap and deliver on-time, exceptional service to customers.

Field Nation will help home service businesses connect with skilled technicians on-demand as per their business needs. With Zuper, FSM businesses can keep track of their work orders and stay on top of their customer’s needs. With the integration of Field Nation and Zuper, field service businesses can keep track of their work order status, update job schedules, and enable field technicians to create job notes right from the work order page.

Field Nation

With speed and efficiency, home service businesses can use their Field Nation ID and Field Nation URL to switch between Zuper and Field Nation pages. Zuper’s pre-filled work order fields will be auto-synced with Field Nation forms. Zuper has incorporated Field Nation templates for creating a work order effortlessly.

This Field Nation and Zuper integration helps avoid field service delay and facilitates quick service delivery for customers. It will not only save time and cost but also get the work done with a few simple clicks. This translates into boosted revenue, speedy service, and operational scalability for field service businesses.

With Field Nation, we are looking to unlock the synergies of business management, helping FSM businesses focus on the most important aspect: customer satisfaction.

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