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Digitize, Automate, and Optimize Your Swimming Pool Customer Experience with Dale E. Matheny, COO Namco Pools


In the first episode of ZuperFM, we sat down with Dale E. Matheny, Chief Operating Officer of Namco Pools, and Anand Subbaraj, CEO of Zuper. Dale shared how his career led him to Namco Pools, as well as thoughts on the unlimited potential for innovation in the pool service industry. We discussed how the COVID lockdowns had spiked demand for the types of products they sell and how technology helped them to better manage the increased demand while providing the best customer experience possible. 

Namco Pools is the Northeast’s largest retailer of above-ground swimming pools, spas, and patio furniture. Their operations are spread across 5 states and 17 locations. Zuper, it is a field service management software provider that among other verticals, helps pool service businesses streamline operations – from back office functions to workforce management to customer engagement. 

In this ZuperFM session, listeners will walk away with insights about: 

  1. How technology has changed the pool service business over the past year? 
  2. How customer engagement demands have changed with the current situation? 
  3. What kind of data can be garnered from a platform like Zuper? 
  4. How Namco Pools has weathered the COVID storm and what it looks like for the general industry moving into recovery? 
  5. Some of the other kinds of companies that can benefit from a product like Zuper? 
  6. How is the pool industry is weathering the chlorine shortage in North America? 
  7. What the new normal looks like for Namco pools and the pool industry at large? 

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