Zuper WhatsApp Chatbot
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WhatsApp Chatbot And Field Service: A Match Made In (Zuper) Heaven

The renowned adage “Silence is golden” doesn’t belong in a field service environment. For, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to schedule a...

Improving field service efficiency with route optimization
Why Zuper? Zuper features

Improving Field Service Efficiency With Route Optimization

In a nutshell, route optimization is all about making sure your field service agents reach the right location at the right time. While it may sound si...

Cleaning Service Types
Cleaning Business

7 Types of Cleaning Services You Can Offer Your Customers

Whether you’re just setting up a cleaning business from scratch or expanding your cleaning services, you’ll need to have a clear idea of cleaning serv...

Get your money back with the best retargeting techniques-01
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Get your money back with the best retargeting techniques

What’s retargeting? Retargeting, Remarketing is the latest buzz word that is spoken by marketers across the globe. It is a known fact that it is...

Importance of excellent customer support in Cleaning Businesses
Cleaning Business

Customer Support: Best practices for your cleaning business

Customer Support- The buzzword in every business Businesses strive for one thing- Aim for customer satisfaction with their product offerings. In order...

Cleaning Business Quick Tips

How to Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch

Good cleaning service providers are a scarce breed and are worth their weight in gold. In the current pandemic, there is a mismatch in the supply and ...

5 Dont's in a Cleanings Business
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5 Don’ts in a Cleaning Business

Setting up a cleaning business sure might look easy. But you need to follow the do’s and don’t s carefully from veterans and experts. Take...

How to advertise your Cleaning Business online?
Cleaning Business

How to advertise your Cleaning Business online?

One of the challenges while running a cleaning service business is to acquire and retain clients. Here are just a few ways to advertise and promote yo...

5 Secret Strategies to build your Cleaning Business
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5 proven techniques to grow your cleaning business

1. Find A Specific Niche The cleaning industry is a big one and by providing generic services you might be spreading yourself too thin. One of ...

Zuper vs Other FSM Tools
Why Zuper?

Looking for a Launch27 Alternative – Why you must consider Zuper?

It’s challenging to start a home cleaning business and even more complicated to manage to handle support requests manually and use various tools...