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The Real Benefits of Implementing Field Service Software

Field Service

If you haven’t gotten around to automating your field service management process, you are already late. When automation penetrates field service management operations, it provides a ton of benefits to the stakeholders involved in the process while improving your organization’s bottom line with optimal workforce utilization and proactive customer service.

Those who work with a field service management software cannot imagine their operations without it. How can they imagine such a thing when they reap a ton of benefits through field service automation. Read on to learn how field service management software helps businesses streamline their operations and improve their customer satisfaction rates.

What is field service management software?

Field service management software is the software solution that automates every step of the field service management process from scheduling to invoicing and payment collection. These field service management systems help businesses to collaborate effectively with their customers, make insightful decisions, and track technician performance easily.

7 benefits of field service management software

Field service management software offers a ton of benefits. While the benefits vary from one customer to another, there are 7 common benefits of implementing a field service management suite.

  1. You need not spend a ton on FSM software

    Gone are the days where you need to make a sizeable upfront investment to purchase a good field service management tool. Today, most field service management suites are offered on a pay as you use subscription model.

    What’s more, as the upgrades are handled by the vendor free of cost at regular intervals, businesses need not worry about maintenance or upgrade costs as well. Field service management tools like Zuper offer all features offered by a full-fledged field service CRM at the fraction of the cost.

  2. You don’t have to rely on paper-based route plans

    Outdated field service management practices often contain a whirlwind of paper-based route plans and overflowing schedule sheets. Trying to find a customer location using the route map is easier said than done. Technicians waste a ton of time trying to find the right route from the bundle of paper-based routes.

    Even google maps based route plans have their fair share of disadvantages like inability to accommodate schedule changes and more. Field service management software like Zuper assigns and routes the right technicians to the customer’s location effortlessly by weighing in a variety of aspects from the location of the technician to their skillset and efficiency.

  3. You don’t have to manually chase unpaid invoices

    With an automated field service management process, you don’t have to worry about unpaid invoices and unapproved estimates.

    Customer has an unpaid invoice? FSM suites like Zuper will send timely reminders to them. Want customer approval on estimates? Zuper will offer customers an option to accept or reject the estimate right from their mobile device. Looking to enable online payments? No problem, Zuper will provide your customers with an option to pay online when they receive the invoice.

  4. You can bid goodbye to process silos

    In a manual field service management environment, your back-office team and supervisors have no clue about aspects like the progress of a job, the technician’s location, and more. And even your customers are left waiting in the dark.

    With a field service management solution like Zuper, everyone is kept up-to-date. Customers get timely ETA alerts while the back-office team and supervisors get access to real-time technician location and job progress reports.

  5. You can improve technician efficiency

    As customers demand a faster service cycle, your team of technicians need to spend less time finding the customer location and data they need to perform their job and more time on the job itself. A field service management solution can improve technician efficiency by:

    • Storing all job related data in a centralized location
    • Streamlining job checklists and associated tasks
    • Automating invoice and estimate calculations
    • Offering an option chat with supervisors right from the job
    • Streamline the field service management workflows

    A field service management process doesn’t merely allow technicians to perform their tasks faster, but also help them keep it structured and accurate throughout.

  6. You can integrate your FSM software with all third-party software

    Field service management software cannot operate alone. An ideal field service management tool will play well with all your third-party software like CRM, accounting tools, business communication platforms, and more. It removes the need for manual workflows and eliminates data redundancy.

  7. You can retrieve actionable insights at a glance

    Most field service businesses still rifle through stacks of job forms, invoices, and customer surveys to get an idea of their operational efficiency.

    With a tool like Zuper, these businesses can get a bird’s eye view of all important metrics like employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more, right from the dashboard. It also offers an array of customizable reports which can be created in just a few clicks.

Enjoy the benefits of field service management software

Field service automation software is a growing necessity for both small businesses and enterprises alike. An ideal field service management solution like Zuper will give businesses the flexibility they need while streamlining the processes and workflows involved.

Zuper enables home service businesses to improve the overall efficiency of their operations and enhance the quality of their customer service at an affordable cost. It helps business leaders to align their field service management process with their organization’s overall mission and goals.

Looking for field service automation software? Try Zuper for free today and see how it can power up your day-to-day operations!

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