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QuickBooks Integration with Zuper

Introducing QuickBooks Integration with Zuper: Accounting from Field Just Got Better


QuickBooks is one of the market leaders in accounting software for small and mid-size businesses. However, QuickBooks alone cannot streamline your accounting process, especially if you manage a field service business.

When you use siloed tools like spreadsheets to manage your field service operations, there is always a disconnect between your accounting team and field service team when it comes to estimating, invoices, and inventory management. And, most often, it results in double data entry and delayed payments, which impact both your customer’s experience and team collaboration.

We are excited to announce that Zuper now offers a direct integration with QuickBooks Online. With the Zuper and QuickBooks integration, you can get a 360-degree view of your business anytime and from anywhere, and you can automatically sync your estimates, invoices, and inventory.

Sync your estimates and invoices

It is now easier to automatically sync your estimates and invoices, whether your invoices were created from the back-office or on the field. All your estimates and invoices are synchronized in real-time, including customer information, line items, associated taxes, payment status, and payment history.

In addition, any payment updates made by your accounts team on QuickBooks are also reflected back in Zuper so that your service team can gain complete visibility of the status of the quotes or invoices.

Sync your inventory master and consumption (parts & services)

Need to get automatic updates on inventory in QuickBooks when your service team consumes the parts & materials on the field? Say no more.

Our inventory sync doesn’t just sync the master inventory items to Zuper from QuickBooks but also updates any consumption of these items on Zuper back to QuickBooks. This two-way data exchange enables real-time visibility into the inventory for all stakeholders from the field service team to warehouse and procurement teams.

With the QuickBooks integration, you can now save a lot of time, avoid double data entry, eliminate data redundancy, improve the collaboration between your field service and accounting teams, and provide a seamless customer experience.

Ready to supercharge your field service team? Give Zuper a try today!

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