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Home Cleaning Checklist

Are you a residential cleaning business? Are your house cleaners confused as to what activities are involved in a cleaning process? Empower your house cleaners with this robust Home Cleaning Checklist which outlines all activities involved in the cleaning service.

    Special Instructions
    Check each instruction as you complete it. Mention it as N/A if it is not applicable.
    Cleaning tasks
    Bathroom Cleaning Tasks
    1. Declutter the space
    2. Put your gloves on
    3. It’s time to scrub
    4. Make surfaces sparkle
    5. It’s time to replace
    Kitchen cleaning tasks
    6. Clear the counter tops
    7. Go crazy with your spray-zy
    8. It’s time to scrub
    9. Make appliances sparkle
    Living room and bedroom cleaning tasks
    10. Tips that will do the trick before you begin clearing up the kitchen
    11. Dust ‘em down
    12. Fresh up all fabrics
    13. It’s time to vacuum
    14. Make all windows go wow
    15. Finish with a flourish
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