Electrical Contractor Software

An all-in-one field service management software for electrical service businesses

Zuper’s user-friendly electrical business software helps contractors streamline scheduling, simplify job management, automate invoicing, estimate delivery, and deliver exceptional customer service.

A unique productivity suite built for your distinct electrical services management needs

Zuper frees your hands from paperwork, automates mundane and repetitive tasks, and gives you a chance to focus on high-impact tasks like strategizing.

Effectively manage schedules with complete flexibility

Are you still depending on hand-drawn routes to manage your dispatching process? Does scheduling take long hours to perform manually? Are you finding it impossible to accomodate last-minute rescheduling requests?

With Zuper’s electrical contractor scheduling app, you can bid adieu to scheduling conflicts and keep your customers and employees happy and engaged. Our drag-and-drop dispatch calendar makes scheduling easy with the help of electrical contractor software.

AI-powered workforce management
Nurture and retain your customers

Keep all your job details in one place

Stop scouring through emails and spreadsheets to retrieve job details and customer information. Zuper’s electrician software ensures that all job-related information is stored in a centralized location. What’s more, it automatically connects any pre-existing to the job, making enforcement a breeze.

Zuper cuts down unnecessary to-and-fro phone calls between the back-office team and electricians in the field.

Streamline invoice and estimate management

Forget chasing after clients for unpaid invoice. Zuper empowers electrical contracting businesses with best-in-class features like bulk and batch invoicing and estimates, custom fields, seamless integration with taxation apps and accounting tools, and automated payment alerts.

What’s more, Zuper can speed up the payment cycle with part payments, credit card processing, and online payments through Stripe.

Modern Booking Experience
Data and Insights into business

Tap into the power of actionable insights

Insights acquired from previous job-details and payment cycles can help you identify and fix process gaps. However, you don’t need an elaborate analytics tool to give you that information, your electrical business software can step in and take the load off your shoulders.

You can create visual reports instantly from our ready-to-use templates to analyze process and contractor efficiency and make informed business decisions.

Transform Your Electrical Service Business with Zuper

  • hvac-estimation

    Electrical Estimation

    Empower your team to create more estimates and convert to jobs.

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  • hvac-team-collaboration

    Electrical Team Collaboration

    Rich and configurable alerts and notifications for your team and customers.

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  • hvac-contract-management

    Electrical Contract Management

    Create and manage the life cycle of your service contracts and maintenance management.

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  • hvac-scheduling-dispatching

    Electrical Scheduling and Dispatching  

    Smart scheduling and dispatching to empower your team to do more.

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  • hvac-invoicing

    Electrical Invoicing Application

    Empower your team to generate invoices and collect payment hassle-free.

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  • hvac-work-order-management

    Electrical Work Order Management

    Manage the full life cycle of the work orders efficiently and reliably.

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  • hvac-timesheet-management

    Electrical Timesheet Management

    Remote timesheet management with facial biometrics and geo-rules.

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Zuper is the most comprehensive solution that has enabled us to transform and modernize business processes. We recommend Zuper to any service business that is struggling to leverage technology for business transformation.
Mr.Farzan, MD, AC People

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