Garage Repair Software

Intelligent field service management software for garage repair businesses

Zuper is a cloud-based garage repair software designed to empower field service pros, reduce human intervention and associated manual errors, and make field service management agile and effective.

Garage repair operations simplified and streamlined

Ensure simplicity, speed, and efficiency across all garage door repair operation. Deliver an exceptional customer experience with end-to-end automation.

Scheduling and dispatching simplified

Bid adieu to overflowing spreadsheets or rigid calendars to manage the schedules of your field service pros. No more hours of poring over spreadsheets to dispatch a job.

A garage door repair software like Zuper assigns jobs based on location, skillset, and availability of field service pros in a matter of minutes. Dispatchers can schedule one-time and recurring jobs in a jiffy using a simple drag and drop scheduling interface.

AI-powered workforce management
Nurture and retain your customers

Optimize your customer experience

Gone are the days where your customers had to call your back-office agents to get a job status update. Empower them with a self-service garage door repair software that sends proactive notifications on anything and everything related to a job like ETA alert, job status change, and more.

Enable your customers to view all pertinent information from ETA to invoices right from their mobile devices.

Store all documents in a centralized repository

Spend less time tracking documents and paper trails to find a work order or an invoice. Zuper allows garage door repair businesses to focus on employee productivity while accurately creating, storing, accessing, and routing documents in a touch-free way.

Field service pros can chat with their supervisors or back-office agents inside a work order. What’s more, all conversations, notes, and image attachments will be recorded and stored for future reference.

Modern Booking Experience
Data and Insights into business

Make informed decisions with visual-rich insights

Eliminate guesswork from your garage door repair operations by taking data-driven actions. Zuper’s built-in reporting module can help you turn historical data into visual-rich reports which offer a ton of insights.

Our dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of the metrics you need and offers informative reports that break down customer experience, field service workforce trends, and more.

Transform Your Garage Repair Business with Zuper

  • hvac-estimation

    Garage Repair Estimation

    Empower your team to create more estimates and convert them into jobs.

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  • hvac-team-collaboration

    Garage Repair Team Collaboration

    Rich and configurable alerts and notifications for your team and customers.

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  • hvac-contract-management

    Garage Repair Contract Management

    Create and manage the life cycle of your service contracts and maintenance management.

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  • hvac-scheduling-dispatching

    Garage Repair Scheduling & Dispatching

    Smart scheduling and dispatching to empower your team to do more.

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  • hvac-invoicing

    Garage Repair Invoicing  

    Empower your team to generate invoices and collect payment hassle-free.

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  • hvac-work-order-management

    Garage Repair Work Order Management

    Manage the full life cycle of the work orders efficiently and reliably.

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  • hvac-timesheet-management

    Garage Repair Timesheet Management

    Remote timesheet management with facial biometrics and geo-rules.

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Zuper is the most comprehensive solution that has enabled us to transform and modernize business processes. We recommend Zuper to any service business that is struggling to leverage technology for business transformation.
Mr.Farzan, MD, AC People

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