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Zuper + Zoho – Connecting sales and customer service for Field Service Industries

Empower your sales team with Zuper Field Service Management on Zoho CRM to instantly convert deals into service requests.

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Connecting Sales and Customer Service for Zoho Field Service Industries

Combine the power of a CRM and a Field Service Application to improve productivity

Zoho CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management platforms in the world used by 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. Zuper is the leading field service management startup used by 1000s of organizations worldwide and now available in the Zoho marketplace. With the Zoho CRM integration, you can now seamlessly sync your leads, deals, and contacts from Zoho CRM into Zuper and efficiently schedule, dispatch, and manage field service operations.

Automatically sync your leads, prospects, and contacts on Zoho as Zuper customers

With Zuper for Zoho CRMyou can now onboard your leads, prospects, and contacts from your Zoho CRM into Zuper as customers. Connect your sales and customer service teams to offer a better customer experience.

  1. Enable your sales team to manage the sales funnel and convert leads into customers to drive revenue for the organization. 
  2. Once a deal is closed, it turns into a field service request and is picked up by the customer service team. 
  3. The field service team will have all the information about the customer including their preferences, service history, location, etc. 
Automatically sync Zoho leads, prospects & customers on Zuper
Schedule Zoho Deals as Work Orders on Zuper

Schedule your Zoho Deals as Service Work Orders automatically in Zuper

Using Zuper on Zoho CRM, sales teams can automatically convert deals into service requests orders. These service requests are picked up by the customer service team to efficiently schedule and dispatch the right field workforce.

  1. Pick the date and timeslot depending on the customer preference and the availability of the technicians. 
  2. Smart scheduling and dispatching to the right technician based on the organization preferences (location, availability, skillset, etc.) 
  3. Remind, notify, and alert the team to ensure they are never late for their jobs. 
  4. Notify your customers via SMS and emails automatically on the job status updates. 

Track all your customer service work orders within Zoho CRM

Zuper simplifies your field service workflow by enabling you to track all your work orders right within Zoho CRM. Empower your field force technicians with quotations, smart scheduling, dispatching, work order management, inventory control, and invoicing.

  1. Alert your team with automated notifications on job reminders, SLA violations, and critical deadlines. 
  2. Manage the complete lifecycle of your work orders and filter jobs based on various statuses. 
  3. Get real-time visibility into your workforce’s location, utilization, schedule, etc., and assign jobs accordingly.
Track orders on zuper

Delight customers with Zuper and Zoho

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    Seamlessly sync your Zoho CRM’s accounts, contacts and deals with Zuper.