Zuper Real-time Location services

Real Time Location Tracking App for Service Businesses

Leverage the power of real-time location intelligence for efficient dispatching, smart customer notifications, and automated workflows to improve productivity and utilization of your team.


Live Tracking of your Field Team

Using Zuper’s GPS based live real-time location tracking, you can empower your dispatching team to efficiently assign jobs.

Configure business hours to prevent encroaching the privacy of your team. Live tracking is enabled only during business hours.

Collect rich information with Location Data

Mobile battery and network connectivity data of your team for automated workflows. Enable alerts and notifications for proactive governance of your team. No more “How far are you? What is your ETA?” calls to your Field team.

Geo-tagging of all Events

Geo-tag all the work order and timesheet status. Geospatial analysis of your team and operations to improve productivity and efficiency.

Geo-fencing of your Work Orders

Configure smart geo-fencing and intelligent rules to eliminate discrepancies in your data collection to accurately determine team utilization and productivity. Automate workflows to reduce manual operations.

Route Optimization

Leverage Zuper’s route optimization to generate optimized routes for your field team in a few clicks. Set constraints such as time, distance between jobs, vehicle type, etc. Route optimization can now be done on-demand from the field. No more ‘I am getting late’ texts to your customers.

Smart ETA alerts to your Customers

Send automated ETA alerts to your customers when the technician is on the way. Offer a modern Uber-like experience to improve customer satisfaction.

Customers no longer have to wait and make phone calls to your support to determine the location of the technician.

Go Mobile with Zuper Pro

Go mobile with Zuper Pro app.

  • Get Push notifications on Job assignment & reminders automatically.
  • Update Job-status & create a new job directly onsite.
  • Add Notes, attach pictures & videos from the Job site.
  • Collaborate & chat with your back-office from the mobile app.
  • Manage work schedule, shifts & time-off requests.

Download Zuper Pro app for Android & iOS