8 Effective Ways to Manage Your Field Business Workforce

8 Effective Ways to Manage Your Field Business Workforce

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Managing a company’s workforce, especially in an asset-intensive field business, can be challenging. If you are one such company, then a centralized system like a workforce management system or software won’t just help you manage teams effectively; it will also boost efficiency and productivity. 

What is Field Workforce Management Software?

Field workforce management software provides a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage the field workforce, their schedules, communication, and performance. It allows you to deploy the right people, at the right place, at the right time to maximize the output. 

8 Ways to Manage Workforce in a Field Business

  1. Understand the Team’s Requirements

  2. Communicate Clearly

  3. Track & Review Performance

  4. Make Daily Tasks Clear

  5. Manage Scheduling of the Field Workforce

  6. Manage the Team Roster

  7. Use GPS to Boost Performance

  8. Hire to Fill Skill Gap

  • Understand the Team’s Requirements

To manage workforce, you first need to understand your team’s requirements. This will help you equip them with the right tools. 

Talk to the team as a unit and individually to understand what they need. When their needs are met, and the right tools are given, higher efficiency can be guaranteed. 

  • Communicate Clearly

Communication is vital in managing any team. Effective and transparent communication ensures clarity on tasks and goals as expected by everyone else. The field teams can focus on productivity and collaboration. 

Conversely, poor communication will create confusion, lower productivity, and impact employee morale. This, in turn, affects customer satisfaction and trust.  

Mobile workforce management software can help managers and their teams communicate better. For instance, the managers can put reviews, feedback, tasks, plans, etc., on the system to avoid confusion or ambiguity about critical things.  

  • Track & Review Performance

As a company, it is essential to review different teams’ performances carefully. When the process is automated, you can clearly map each field team member’s performance, identify who’s performing well and who’s slightly falling short. This way, you can reward the high performers and motivate and guide others to reach their potential. 

Once you have the data to work with, you can make informed decisions to improve your team’s performance. A mobile workforce management system empowers you to make data-driven decisions. If you are keen on utilizing this feature, implement Zuper FSMS in your organization.

  • Make Daily Tasks Clear

Setting the team’s tasks is crucial. Managers need to determine what tasks need to be done by whom and when to delegate effectively. Moreover, managers need to prioritize tasks before assigning them. 

Being clear with task management keeps the field team aligned with the goals and accountable for their tasks. However, trying to do this manually can be tough. 

Workforce management solution allows you to automate this responsibility and improve employee efficiency. It enables you to follow your teams’ progress, use templates for recurring work, and maintain task-related checklists from anywhere. 

Use Zuper work order management software to support your team with their daily work. 

  • Manage Scheduling of the Field Workforce

The traditional approach to scheduling of field workforce can be time-consuming and tricky. Imagine spending days and weeks of manual effort just to create and manage schedules. While it was tedious in the past, the workforce management system has changed that.

You can have complete control of your scheduling system and dispatch your field workforce with flexibility and transparency. Scheduling the field workforce requires a real-time and dynamic approach where the field workers must be aware of their schedule – both pending and upcoming as it unfolds. 

You can now make workforce management scheduling easy with Zuper Field service scheduling software.

  • Manage the Team Roster

Managing the field team’s roster typically consists of making a list of field employees and gathering necessary information about them. This information may include each team member’s location on the field, responsibilities, and work timings. 

Managing a team roster is essential as it ensures each shift has the right number of workers to fulfill open jobs. Moreover, the ideal roster design will pinpoint issues like staff shortages before they arise. 

Implementing a field workforce management system such as Zuper time sheet management software in your organization would do wonders like, less timesheet errors, digital management of the roster,  time off and leave can be requested directly from the app, just to name a few.

  • Use GPS to Boost Performance

GPS tracking helps in improving the field team’s productivity. Live, real-time location tracking empowers your dispatching team to assign jobs efficiently.

Managers can track each field worker and how long they took to complete a task and guide them geographically on the field if required. With Zuper’s real-time location services, you can unleash the real potential of GPS tracking. 

  • Hire to Fill Skill Gap

Beyond enabling you to assess and manage field teams, total workforce management can also help them identify the gaps that need to be filled. 

The sooner you identify what’s lacking or what the field workforce may need, the better. You will be prepared to plan and address any issues, which otherwise may have gotten out of hand. 

How Can You Maximize Workforce Management?

  • Ensure you use the latest technology and the best software to attain great results
  • Empower your workers to use the workforce management system to its maximum potential 
  • Develop and maintain a good work atmosphere in the field 
  • Set attainable goals for your field employees to maintain performance and boost morale 
  • Be prepared to evolve and adapt to the business market

Proper workforce management is the need of the hour in any industry. Get in touch with us if you are interested in making field workforce management a part of your organization. Our team will demonstrate how Zuper FSMS can make workforce management effortless. 

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